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  • Racosme’s New Year Discounts.

    Racosme wishes everyone a happy new year! We are excited to start 2015 with tons of exciting offers below: 20% Discount on all Nose Lifter is extended! Up to January 31, 2015 ONLY. simply enter the coupon code: dc20 Coupon code box is located at the checkout process when placing an order. Simply click “Click here to enter your code”

  • Pricing revamped and lowered

    We further improved our pricing on all products to make it more attainable to the masses. We guarantee that our price will always be the lowest.

  • 10% Discounted extended until December!

    To better experience the best soap in the world, we are extending our discount promo until December! Thank you for your continuous support.

  • 10% Discount extended and partnership for exclusive distributorship.

    We extended our 10% discount promotions for the entire month of October, this is to celebrate our partnership with Happy Price and Line up in distributorship of Tokyo Love Soap products in the entire Philippines. We are committed in eradicating counterfeit Tokyo Love Soaps and thus, we are moving towards a definitive plan and action in monitoring all supplies and

  • Opening Sale – 10% Discount on all Tokyo Love Soaps

    Welcome to! We are now official open. Our site is conceptualized to sell cheap yet authentic Tokyo Love Soap which is the most overpriced soap being sold in facebook, instagram and other online sources. We want to sell as close as possible to the original Japanese price and we guarantee that our prices are equal if not lower when